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  Registration for Massachusetts Businesses
Welcome to the online services registration page. By registering, you will have access to a variety of employer services. Currently, you can do the following:

  • Use qUlk Response to provide Wage and Seperation information (Form 1062/1074/1074x) about former employees, or to provide Separation Pay information about former employees.
    You will be notified at your e-mail address on file when there is a new 1062/1074/1074x form that requires immediate attention to complete and submit prior to the deadline date. You may also be requested to provide Separation Pay information about former employees.
  • Access the WorkSharing System
  • Review your current or previous Benefit Charge Statement (Form 1088) or Statement of Reimbursable Benefits (Form 1089-1)
  • View your annual rate notice from 2000 to present
  • Review any outstanding amounts for a reimbursable employer.
  • Access the Workforce Training Fund (WTF) Employer Access Page where you can submit applications for the General Program Training Grant and view the status of previously submitted WTF applications
    Online Services Registration
    The Online Services registration process consists of four parts:
      1. YOU complete the online services registration form.
      2. WE mail an authorization letter to your employer's legal address as currently on file with DUA's Revenue Service. This may not be the address of your current work location.
      3. YOUR EMPLOYER signs and faxes the letter back to the Division of Unemployment Assistance.
      4. WE process the letter and activate your account. You will receive an email once your account is active.
    PLEASE NOTE: You can gain immediate access to Workforce Training Fund functions by completing step one only. For the purposes of accessing the WTF Employer Access Page and applying for WTF grants, you are not required to complete steps 2, 3 or 4, however, you may receive an authorization letter in the mail. You may choose to complete the form and return it should you require additional services.
    To proceed with the registration, please enter your Division of Unemployment Assistance Identification Number (DUA ID). This number will be used for verification purposes and is required in order to access information about your unemployment insurance account. If you do not know your Division of Unemployment Assistance Employer Identification Number, please refer to your Employer’s Quarterly Contribution Report (Form 0001) or your annual Contribution Rate Notice (Form 9701). *DUA ID is the same as what was previously referred to as your DET ID.
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    Out-of-State Businesses
    If your business does not have a Massachusetts Division of Unemployment Assistance Employer Identification Number, . You will still be able to access online Job Services through Massachusetts Talent Quest.